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Market Ready Concepts

Simple Ingredients, Complex Nutrition.™

IFP offers a selection of market ready products that address the growing consumer desire for Simple Ingredients, Complex Nutrition™. Our products are based on a winning proprietary platform that combines wholegrain sourced carbohydrates with convenient protein and meaningful micronutrients. All products are eligible for a heart health claim, provide a good source of fiber and protein, and offer a myriad of benefits to your consumer.

The marketplace moves fast. So, we’ve already considered target markets, market trends and manufacturing elements to help facilitate an accelerated retail launch. You can simply (and quickly) adapt our products to your brand specifications and get to the shelf faster. IFP is ready to listen, offer up our expertise, and help you launch a powder product that sounds great, looks great and tastes great! Make sure your consumers get the perfect powder product.

For more information on these products or any of our powder product services, contact us at

Moxy™ Nutrient Shake Mix Product Characteristics

Moxy™ Product Concept by IFP promotes Lean Muscle, Sustained energy and satiety. It is a sports nutrition/ meal replacement for women that is all natural including better for you carbohydrates from whole grains and using a stevia (Reb-A) sweetener system.

Symmetry™ Meal Replacement Product Characteristics

Symmetry™ is a Lifestyle Shake for Healthy Actives product concept by IFP, inc. It contains complex carbohydrates from whole grains for sustained energy, promotes health bones and Joints with Glucosomine & Chondroitin and is low sugar and low fat.

Uppercut™ Nutrition Performance Workout Powder

Uppercut is a product concept by IFP, inc. It contains phased release high quality proteins for muscle support, complex carbohydrates for sustained energy, added BCAAs for muscle recovery and support.

Varsity™ Breakfast Shake - Convenient & Balanced Teen Nutrition

Varsity™ is a  breakfast shake concept by IFP, inc. designed especially for teens.  It contains protein for lean muscle and encourages sustained energy and satiety.