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Product Development

Product Development

Formulation and Application Support

Whether you're looking to develop a new powder or simply needing to perfect your powder's performance, look to IFP's formulation and application support to ensure your product's success.  We have a breadth of expertise in a number of industry segments and our innovative solutions reflect our understanding of different powder applications.  Your new powder product is a guaranteed success with our staff's extensive background in formulation, flavor and neutraceutical delivery systems.


We offer technologies to optimize the dispersion and dissolution of your product when mixed with liquids.  IFP is best known for fluid bed batch Agglomeration capacity.  This technology can be deployed for applications requiring particle coating, dedusting, flow improvement and density control.  IFP also has a patented Encapsulation technology that allows you to coat particles to stabilize formulations, provide flavor enhancements, and protect less stable ingredients.