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Food Ingredient Encapsulation Services

IFP’s food ingredient encapsulation service provides a high performance coating system comprising multiple coat layers over the core particle's surface. This process is also commonly referred to as Microencapsulation.

The integration of nutrients into foods and beverages (nutraceuticals) has created the dual usage of the terms “encapsulation” and “microencapsulation”.  To the food industry, these terms are often used interchangeably for food ingredient encapsulation services or microencapsulated ingredients. To the pharma and dietary supplement industries, encapsulation is the process of adding ingredients into capsules, while microencapsulation is the coating of individual or blends of active ingredients. While microencapsulation is the technical terminology for this process, encapsulation is mostly commonly referenced on an ingredient level.

IFP’s food ingredient encapsulation technology is a high performance coating system achieved by surrounding an ingredient with a substrate in order to prevent or delay interactions until a certain time or set of conditions are met.  Achieved through many microscopic layers of coating, our ingredients and custom solutions offer better functionality such as; shelf-life extension, ingredient stabilization, high heat stability, controlled release or reaction, flavor masking, flavor extension, heat or ph stabilization, freezing point management, surface sanding survival.

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What is Encapsulation?

Food Ingredient encapsulation protects an ingredient from its environment until release or interaction is desired. IFP's PrimeCAP® Encapsulated Specialty Ingredients are off-the-shelf solutions that can be further customized to your food application needs. Custom Encapsulated Ingredients also avaialble.