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Specialty Ingredients

Driving Formulation Breakthroughs that Deliver Powerful Performance

Whether you need a cost-effective customized ingredient or one of IFP's proven PrimeCap® or Insta*Thick® Specialty Ingredients, IFP can help you achieve powerful performance in your next food or beverage product

Specialty Ingredients. Custom Solutions.

IFP's Specialty Ingredients Group is a natural extension of IFP's fluid-bed powder processing technology. We've been working for over 30 years to create ingredients that enhance the performance of your food or beverage.  With that 30 years, comes expertise.  We really know our stuff-and when it comes to our customers, we know that each case has its own requirements for a custom solution.

Call us today or review our product finder to learn more about our specialty ingredient solutions.

Product Finder
Product Finder

Request IFP's Agglomerated Hydrocolloids;  Insta*Thick® Gums, Starches & Rice Maltodextrin or Encapsulated PrimeCAP® specialty ingredient samples.

PrimeCAP® Encapsulated Ingredients
Encapsulated Ingredients

IFP's patented PrimeCAP® fluid-bed encapsulation process can encapsulate almost any dry free-flowing powder in a particle range of 300 to 3,000 microns. We have a broad range of off-the-shelf functional PrimeCAP ingredients, or our batch system allows IFP to custom develop an ingredient to meet your specific survival and release needs.

Gums, Starches & Rice Maltodextrin
Gums, Starches & Rice Maltodextrin

IFP’s Insta*Thick®, Insta*Starch®, and Insta*Rice*Trin® ingredients are easily dispersible, dust free and free flowing.

Our Insta*Thick® line of starches and gums offers consistent, fully functional ingredients, for a wide range of applications. As a lower cost alternative to using single-source hydrocolloids, IFP’s Vis*Quick® blends are specially formulated to maximize functionality while minimizing cost. Our Insta*Rice*Trin® Maltodextrins are key ingredients in sports drinks, beverages, table-top sweeteners, and are used as carriers for high-end probiotics.

No Partially Hydrogenated Oil Encapsulated Ingredients
No Partially Hydrogenated Oil Encaps

Remove Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils From Your Encapsulated Ingredients Without Affecting Taste, Texture or Shelf-life