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PrimeCAP® Applications

PrimeCAP Applications

PrimeCAP® Encapsulated Ingredients are employed in a wide range of food, bakery, confection, meat, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical applications to control ingredient interactions and mask objectionable flavors.

By isolating an ingredient from its environment until release or interaction is desired, new and uniquely functional products can be created. Find out more about our controlled release ingredients and what they can achieve.

PrimeCAP for Bakery

Encapsulated chemical leavening ingredients including Sodium bicarbonate, SAPP, SALP, GDL, and MCP. Our unique Bakery Blend is a complete (acid + base) chemical leavening co-encapsulate, designed for pizza crusts and other thin or low moisture. IFP also encapsulates Salt and Mold inhibitors (Fumaric, Sorbic, Calcium propionate), as well as Ascorbic Acid which is commonly used in bromate replacement systems. Encapsulated Pretzel Salt is a growing product along with Fumaric acids for extended-shelf-life tortillas.

PrimeCAP for Confectionary

Encapsulated Citric, Tartaric, Malic and Fumaric are commonly used on sour and other fruit-flavored, surface-sanded, confections. Encap Salt is also used on a range of salty confections and snack items.

PrimeCAP for Meat Industry

Encapsulated acids (Citric, Lactic, GDL) have been used to replace starter cultures saving processing time (5 hours versus 14 hours) while producing a consistent pH and flavor profile. Encapsulated Salt is commonly used in frozen hamburger meat.

PrimeCAP for Nutraceutical

Encapsulated Ascorbic acid remains the highest volume encapsulated nutrient. Trace nutrients, such as B-Vitamins and Folic as well as caffeine and taurine are growing in use in the fast growing line of energy boosting products.

PrimeCAP for Seasonings


PrimeCAP® encapsulates can be tailored for use in your specific product/application.

Rely on high performance coating systems comprising multiple coat layers over the core particle's surface.

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